Street Politician: The Review: Paris/Sonic Jihad

By Shemia Miller,

When I received Sonic Jihad in the mail, I tore it open with anticipation. I was ready for some real shit. I grew tired of pop that coochie, PIMP, 21 Ways and more bubble gum rap. I needed vegetables. I needed water. I needed something that was nourishing. I could not wait until I listened to some real talk. PARIS did it before. Could he do it again?

Affirmatively YES. This is the ONLY CD that is the MOST NECESSARY CD of the year. If you don't have PARIS' CD you are not Hip Hop. You are Hip-Pop. Hands down, no excuses. The neo-Hip Hop culture watches overrated videos with skimpily dressed women in them, then turns the radio on and listens to the oversaturated and heavily rotated PAYOLA (paid) marketing tools of radio- and then suddenly feels that they need most CDs. AS IF that makes them hot?!

Newsflash Hip Hop Heads- Paris Doesn't need the gimmicks. He doesn't need video women to sell his CD. He doesn't need guest stars with Big names to push his record up the charts. He doesn't need a redundant DJ screaming their name over his album to validate his lyrical content. He doesn't need gimmicky club hooks to ensure that the club will bump it. This CD needs not one added extra commercial flossy gimmick. This CD will sell by word of mouth alone. I am convinced with this masterpiece that the beginning of the Underground movement is back. I am convinced that after you read what I have to tell you further you will not only become convinced, you will understand why it is necessary.

I don't know about you but my $16.00 is important, hell I could put it on gas. His Lyrical Content - A+: His gritty presence and clever use of conscious vocabulary are so powerful that you would never want to buy another pop Hip Hop bullshit CD ever again! His BEATS are not the usual "Conscious" Beats. HELL NO! You can bump this CD at the club if you so choose, in your ride, in your home. This guerrilla funk is BANGING! A+. His production: A+ !!!!!! No there is not a million-dollar name producing this----PARIS did it with this one! This is mandatory. This CD was needed to revive Hip-Hop.

Hip Hop needed life to live, it was dying every second. I thought She was dead. PARIS resurrected Hip Hop.

Thank you, Brother. Fuck YOU Hip POP!

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