Sonic Jihad Review

By Max Sidman,

Paris is pulling no punches. He's not wasting time, and he's not fucking around at all. This Bay Area native, who first raised a defiant fist with the release of 1990s The Devil Made Me Do It, is pissed, he doesn't care who knows, and he thinks — or rather, he knows — that you should be pissed too. Sonic Jihad is Paris’ latest statement on the state of the nation. Calling out George W. Bush, the police, government in general, corporate irresponsibility, a biased media and the mindlessness of the average American, Paris lays down one scathing rap after another. His venomous rhymes of social commentary are mixed with samples of quotes from anti-war protesters, soundbites from media reports and quotes from politicians — all laced together over thick and juicy funk beats with a flavor indicative of classic Bay Area gangsta funk.

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