Rock's Craziest Fanatics

By Ben Mitchell, Blender

PARIS: Dissident Capitalist

MANIFESTO: An End To Government Tyranny

EXTREME EXPLOITS: After Ice-T's 1992 "Cop Killer" controversy, Warner Bros. was in no mood for songs about butchering cops or assassinating the President. Unfortunately for militant rapper Paris, both subjects figured on his album Sleeping With The Enemy, and he was dropped. Paris used his degree in economics to become a stockbroker, using the profits to fund a label, Guerrilla Funk, on which to release his comeback, Sonic Jihad (2003), the cover of which featured a jet aircraft on a collision course with the White House.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: "The revolutionary anger in my music is a direct result of the effects of America's oppressive European white-supremacist ideas."

Nut-O-Meter: 6 Out Of 10

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