Public Enemy featuring Paris: Remix of a Nation - 4 out of 5


One of the most revered groups in Hip-Hop is also one of the most relevant and important. Public Enemy has been in the Hip-Hop game for 20+ years, and as much as the face of the genre has changed, the need for social change has remained a constant. As the voice for a nation of underappreciated and overlooked individuals, Public Enemy's music sparked the desire in listeners to rise up and create change. In 2006, Public Enemy along with Bay Area producer/rapper Paris, dropped Rebirth of A Nation. Addressing such issues as the Bush administration and Katrina, PE provided a call for change that so many others wanted to say but didn't have the courage to do so. Paris' production brings the noise of these previous PE tracks at an even louder decibel. Serving as a compliment to their 2006 release, this remix compilation maintains the intensity of the group's early work and offers another example of the power behind independent music.

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