Public Enemy featuring Paris: Remix of a Nation

By Jonathan Phillips,

The coming together of two of the best lyricists of activist, social and political awareness is something that should have happened years ago. But here it is, 2008, on the verge of serious changes in world economics and politics and a presidential election that might be the most pivotal in U.S. history in 40 years.

Paris creates an aggressive landscape of hard beats, samples, DJ scratches and keyboards that make you visualize a scene from the up rising of the suppressed. By the end of the 11th track, you will have a sonic/verbal blueprint to survival in modern day society. Of all of the music that is politically orientated that only shines light on the problems, "Remix of a Nation" gives solutions to the current events ranging from Katrina, 9/11, the war in Iraq, the lack of education to politicians' wrongdoing and black on black crime.

With the remix sounding more of the original bomb squad style production, Paris is able to inject his own bay area flava that has developed into his signature hard-hitting, hyper style. The remix will draw new fans to new beats and the sounds of Public Enemy and the sharp word of Chuck D, Flava Flav and Paris

Chuck D's in-your-face, hard-truth lyrics are as strong as Public Enemy's first album "Yo, Bum Rush the Show," which keeps all those who listen informed of the world's dark side. Guest MCs Paris, dead prez, Kam, The Conscious Daughters and Immortal Technique teaches, informs and encourages hip-hop nation and the world to empower themselves with respect for each other, knowledge, education, action and political awareness.

I only wonder if the message in "Remix of a Nation," a supplement to Paris and Pubic Enemy's earlier project "Rebirth of a Nation," has fallen on def ears, or if it's sparking a nation of millions into action. With beats and rhymes, Public Enemy gives power to the disenfranchised, that in the near future is able to make real changes in this world of statues quo.

Listen to this disc very closely. You'll be a better person for it.

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