Public Enemy Featuring Paris - Rebirth of a Nation

By Meathooks, Rasputin Manifesto

In today's fast-food Hip-Hop market, there aren't too many groups that have been able to maintain their relevance. Add to that equal amounts of political extremism and public controversy and one has to wonder just how Public Enemy has been able to withstand it all. On their latest release entitled, "Rebirth of A Nation", Chuck D and Flava Flav have enlisted some of today's most outspoken Hip-Hop activists including Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, among others, resulting in an album that very much follows suit with every other PE release thus far. Taking it one step further, the Production credits go solely to Bay Area's own Paris who, he recently dropped a very controversial album, "Sonic Jihad", putting political Rap back on the table. With articulate rhymes from Chuck and beats that could hold their own with classic Bomb Squad, Rebirth's arrival is much needed shot in the arm for today's Hip-Hop audience. Songs like "Rise" and "Hard Truth Soldiers" will not only nod heads but hopefully reach ears and re-energize some political awareness within our community. Respect.

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