Paris - Sonic Jihad

By Prezident Bejda,

What Pistol Politics gives you first off is one of the most powerful visuals ever captured on an album cover in any genre of music. It is a little boy about 10 years old with his hands up surrounded by cops with guns who are all ready to blow this little innocent child away! Folks this shit happens for real! Do you know how important this visual alone is to the future of our existence? Too many people are brainwashed and mindfucked about their materialistic possessions to even realize that we live in a total police state. The cover speaks volumes of hardcore intense emotion and anger. All parents should be outraged that their children are targets by the very ones that are paid by your tax dollars to protect them.

Paris right from the jump quickly points out his intentions on the opening track “Lethal Warning Shot” where he speaks vividly about standing up for your rights, even if it means putting it all on the line! Then on the “Bring The Slap Back.” he gives you some hardcore truth over a funk laced banger! On the title track, he goes straight for the jugular as he only can do. If you like music that tells it how it is here is an album jam-packed with reality, knowledge, and strength over a soundtrack of hard beats that would knock the hubcaps off any police car! Not to mention the features of E-40, T.K.A.S.H., WC, Conscious Daughters, Dead Prez, and more!

You can’t go wrong with what I believe to be Paris’ best work to date!

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