Paris - Sonic Jihad

By Bro. Tony Muhammad, UAN

Taking time out to analyze the war-obsessed and increasingly uncivil political conditions of post 9/11 America and the denigrating state of Hip-Hop did PARIS some good as Sonic Jihad proves to be his best album yet. In combination with some real tight West Coast-style G-Funk production work by the man himself, PARIS will have your head noddin' throughout the whole album as well as shock you with his controversial and politically potent lyrical content. In comparing the overall message of this album with the previous ones he came out within the 90s, it can be said that PARIS has truly matured both artistically as well as in his overall views on politics and society. His main attention is concentrated on the injustices and racial-social contradictions that minorities, particularly Blacks, are plagued with today. His solution is gearing his audience with the "hard truth" behind it all. In the process, he teaches the ever increasingly challenging and critical principals of self-respect, self-determination, and community consciousness. If the cover doesn't provoke enough emotion in you (for the right reasons, that is) the content will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. It starts with a stunning and chilling Hip-Hop oriented parity of the movie The Omen, but in this case, applied to President George W. Bush and the meaning behind his existence. Very provocative is his very down to earth and very real breakdown of the reasons why minorities join the military in today's times and the conflicting end results that they commonly experience in the song AWOL. Particularly inspiring is The Last Cell Remix to Freedom, featuring Dead Prez and Public Enemy. Also making explosive guest appearances are Kam in Ain't No Love and Reggae singer Capelton in Spilt Milk. A definite must for all true Hip-Hop heads, lovers of good sounds, and soldiers of "hard truth." It can be purchased on-line at

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