Paris - Sleeping with the Enemy

By J.D. Considine, The Baltimore Sun

"Bush Killa," in which rapper Paris fantasizes about de-electing the president, may be the most controversial track on "Sleeping With the Enemy," but it's by no means the most provocative. Because Paris isn't interested in killer rhymes - he's talkin' 'bout a revolution in the truest sense of the term. And to that extent, the fuss over "Bush Killa" and its cop-killer companion, "Coffee, Donuts and Death," distract attention from the album's real agenda: urging African-Americans to take down the white-controlled capitalist system that keeps them in economic slavery. And though it's doubtful many listeners will be swayed by Paris' arguments, his music - particularly the title tune or the dense, swirling "Conspiracy of Silence" - is tough to ignore.

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