Paris Says “Buck, Buck, Pass” Isn't Intended To Change People's Minds

By HipHopDX

Paris’ music has always reflected street struggle and the social divide in America.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX News Editor Soren Baker, the San Francisco native spoke about his single “Buck, Buck, Pass” and explains why it and his other music isn’t intended to change people’s minds.

“This is music that’s intended to motivate and it’s music that’s intended to inspire and be life-affirming,” he said via a segment of today’s DX Daily. “It’s not something that’s going to change anybody’s mind.”

Paris, who recently released his Pistol Politics album, also revealed that many have suggested he be a guest on Fox News to give his take on gun violence among other issues.

“A lot of people say I should go on Fox News and let them have it. For what?” he explained. “Because there’s nobody on there that’s going to handle what I’m talking about. It’s like me going into the lion’s den. I don’t really anticipate changing people. I just want to provide an alternative to what’s out from what a lot of times has become par for the course.”

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