Paris - Safe Space Invader


By now, we know what to expect from Paris – in your face, political and social commentary, with that hard-edged West Coast sound. Safe Space Invader sits right in that pocket, and considering the year 2020 has been and fresh on the back of yet another example of injustice with the Breonna Taylor decision – it’s as relevant as ever.

Paris isn’t one to shy away from the difficult content, and he does it with an incredible authenticity – encompassing the rage and anger felt by many around the world and inserting it honestly into his music over hardcore production. For those who have never experienced Paris’ music, think Ice Cube meets Scarface over classic 90’s west coast gangsta funk – and you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect on this new joint. Just check out this in your face video for "Baby Man Hands"...

If you missed some of the shade thrown by Paris at the most incompetent president in modern time:

“Call Trump University

Cause his fake shit brings out the worst in me

Fake news, fake views, fake telecast

Fed to the fake by the fake fulla fake facts

Fuck y’all with Kellyanne’s dick

And start pickin’ truth over fake shit

Start realizing you made this

Dimwit racist rapist president”

"Why Reconcile" is an uncompromising, brutal track. Paris spits hard bars, again resonating with those who are deeply embedded in this civil unrest. "Bang Bang" is a raging, scornful song over an intimidating and powerful soundscape. And the album is full of content and messaging such as this.

This is a must-listen, and yet another powerful album from Paris, perfectly crafted and capturing this moment in time. The album artwork speaks volumes; the raw, unedited messages of advocacy are as poignant as they are powerful – and it’s all delivered over epic production. This won’t be for everybody, but it’s made FOR everybody if you feel me.

Bangers: Bang Bang, Why Reconcile, Nobody Move, Baby Man Hands

Score: 9 / 10. I’ve always enjoyed Paris and the social commentary, much like I could really get with Rage Against The Machine. This album is not only timely but will remain timeless – for as long as the message is unfortunately relevant and needed.

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