Paris Presents: Hard Truth Soldiers V.1

By Jim Durig,

For many, Public Enemy will forever hold the seat atop the list of rap acts spitting a political agenda. But unknown to many more, Frisco-bred emcee Paris has been at it nearly as long. Not to be stifled by label suits' attempts to repress his caustic anti-government sentiments in the early 90s, Paris struck out on his own and Guerilla Funk Recordings was born as a haven for free expression.

Paris' latest project Hard Truth Soldiers teams his Guerilla Funk roster with other potent industry minds from across the map. Representing for some of the most influential rap sets to date, the disc includes pioneering voices like NWA's MC Ren on "Still Ain't Free" and Public Enemy on the equality anthem "Can't Hold Us Back". Guerilla Funk emcee T-K.A.S.H. applies a perfect flow in laying out the country's ills on "Made in America" - a beat Paris twists from Mobb Deep's classic "Shook Ones pt. II". He spits "There's a war going on at home, it's like Baghdad/ in American cities where all the blacks at/ little kids that pack straps in backpacks/ who clap cats for scratch, snacks, and gasmasks."

Hard Truth Soldiers absolutely brims with concurrent political voices, bringing distinctive styles together to rep a similar political ideology. This meshing of disparate parts manifests literally on "Dear Mr. President", the potent posse-style cut featuring petitions from eminent names like Cypress Hill's B. Real, Mobb Deep, and the timeless KRS-One. Right-leaning listeners take caution - Paris and friends are heavy, liberal, and undeniably relevant.

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