Paris' "Nobody Move" Pays Homage To Legendary Black Panther Artist Emory Douglas

By Elijah C. Watson,

Paris has released the latest single from his forthcoming new album Safe Space Invader.

Titled “Nobody Move,” the track — written and produced by Paris — finds the San Francisco rapper calling out Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters, police brutality, gentrification and more. Alongside the track, he has also released the music video for it, which Okayplayer is premiering.

An homage to legendary Black Panther artist Emory Douglas, the animated video — made by Unjust — evokes the politically-charged illustrations Douglas became known for as the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party.

“‘Nobody Move’ is movement music and was made to foster self-awareness and a sense of community upliftment,” Paris said of the track in an e-mail. “It heavily references and pays homage to the style of Emory Douglas…That look, its feel, and the relevance of the panthers’ spirit hold more weight now than they ever have, and the vibe is a perfect fit to combat the vicious racism and political tribalism we’re collectively experiencing in 2020 America under Trump. ‘Nobody Move’ is also a throwback to aggressive lyricism in hip-hop — lyricism necessary when figuratively combating a system that is doing real harm to communities of color and the disenfranchised.”

Prior to “Nobody Move,” Paris released “Baby Man Hands” — an unflinching indictment against Trump and his inadequacy as president — last month. The same day he released “Baby Man Hands,” he also published a piece on Medium titled “Trump Is The Worst President In U.S. History — We Need To Vote Him Out,” where he spoke at length about Trump’s presidency.

Safe Space Invader drops on September 25.

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