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Paris - Acid Reflex: Jamoeblog

By Billy Jamm,

1) Paris "Don't Stop The Movement" (Guerrilla Funk)

2) The Mighty Underdogs "UFC remix (cuts by DJ Shadow)" (Definitive Jux)

3) Madlib "Gamble On Ya Boy (feat. Defari)" (Rapster/BBE)

4) People Under The Stairs "Up Yo Spine (Live at the Fishbucket pt. 3)" (Gold Dust)

5) Mike Relm "Everytime (feat. Del & Adrian Hartley)" (Radio Fried Records)

6) Jake One "Trap Door (feat. MF Doom)" (Rhymesayers)

7) Hu$tle Simmons "Over and Out (feat Buff 1 & DJ Cru Cut)" (Break Bread/Traffic)

8) Murs "The Science" (Warner)

9) Mulatto Patriot "Audio Terrorist (feat. Ras Kass, Casual, & Proper Jones)" (MP Productions)

10) Tech N9ne "Blackboy (feat. Ice Cube, Brother J, & Krizz Kaliko" (Strange Music)

The number one track on the (song-based & subjective) Jameoblog Top Ten chart this week is "Don't Stop The Movement" -- the first single off Bay Area political emcee Paris' amazing new album Acid Reflex (Guerrilla Funk/Fontana/Universal). The record's release date has been pushed back and delayed by several weeks until October 28th. The inspired video (above) for "Don't Stop The Movement," which was just completed this week, was directed by Cory Shaw of Buildestroy Inc. who also did the video for The Grouch's great song "Artsy" earlier this year.

One of the goals outlined by Paris on the new album is for more of an equal balance between positive and negative influences in entertainment, particularly in hip-hop, and he targets many superficial hip-hop and entertainment figures on the new album. The video above mocks Flavor Flav, even though Flav's long time musical partner Chuck D appears elsewhere on the new album and Public Enemy's music has been released by Paris' record label. Note that Flav and his cartoon image also got heavily criticized recently by both Chris Rock in his HBO special Kill The Messenger that aired a couple of weeks ago, and by David Allen Grier on the premiere edition of Chocolate News, in "The Death of Hip-Hop" skit to air tonight on Comedy Central.

As always, Paris pulls no punches on this new release and tells it like it is, preaching non-stop about what he sees as the ills of our society and their causes. But more importantly, the stubbornly socially and politically charged Paris, who constantly fights on behalf of the poor and oppressed, practices what he preaches and is offering a unique prize to those who buy the new album: a chance for three lucky individuals to each win $10,000 towards either a college education or housing down-payment.

Three randomly placed tickets will be slipped into CD copies of Acid Reflex with the three winners' prizes being a ten-thousand dollar award redeemable as a scholarship towards any kind of post-high school education or towards housing expenses. "I realize that money is tight for many people and that music is becoming less and less of a priority when everything is rising but wages," said Paris. "We're living in the hardest economic times in recent memory, and this is a perfect way for me to try to ease the pain for my supporters." To win, you must purchase an Acid Reflex CD at a physical retail location such as Amoeba Music. Only the 3 winning CDs will have notifications inside them. The contest does not apply to vinyl versions of the new album. Check back here for an interview with Paris when Acid Reflex drops in two weeks. Meantime, for more information on the album and the artist visit the website

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