Paris - Acid Reflex

By Spectre Entertainment

This San Francisco Bay Area native emcee and UC Davis graduate continues to impress with another bold thought-provoking new album that pleases the ears with smooth yet powerful beats and lyrics. Eighteen years after his first hit single "Break the Grip of Shame" from the Album The Devil Made Me Do It was banned by MTV, he continues to challenge mainstream political views and the commercialization of the modern music industry.

Paris's persistence has allowed him to continue conveying his messages through hard-hitting lyrical flows. In 2003, Sonic Jihad injected a much-needed dose of consciousness into an industry that now seems to only reflect corporate hip-hop sensibilities. The album quickly gained support from critics, activists and music lovers worldwide for his condemnation of the Bush Administration's actions and response to and surrounding the events of 9/11. The album debuted on Paris's newly formed Guerrilla Funk Recordings, a musical organization that counters the corporate stranglehold plaguing the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Paris has collaborated with many underground hip-hop favorites including Public Enemy, dead prez, Kam, MC Ren Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Dilated Peoples, The Alchemist, Immortal Technique, and many more. Paris's new album Acid Reflex, featuring Chuck D. and George Clinton, doesn't stray from his consistent dedication to creating quality music that goes against the grain of commercial hip-pop by providing content with substance. The Album touches on subjects ranging from war and police brutality to black on black crime and domestic violence. His lyrical messages are expertly sewn through funky beats with thumping bass that will keep your head bopping through the entire album.

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