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Hip-Hop Vs. George Bush Sr. - A List Of Rap Songs Protesting The Late POTUS

By Jermaine Broadnax, AllHipHop

While one side of the country mourns, the other side of the country celebrates, welcome to America.

George Bush Sr & Jr, have always had a bad reputation. Probably the most dissed presidents on wax, of all time.

Rappers from Kayne West, Eminem, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Talib, Yasmine Bey, Saigon, Papoose, Public Enemy, Lil Wayne, Killer Mike, and Ludacris are just some of the few who have dissed George Bush Jr on wax.

But what about George Bush Sr?

George Bush Sr served as American President from 1989-1993. During the time period who spoke against him? Who were the rappers that dissed Bush Sr on wax?

Let’s take a look:

The first rappers, to bomb first on Bush Sr was Boogie Down Productions. This is off their 1990 album Edutainment. The track is called “7 Dee Jays.”

KRS-One 1 says:

"Come up in the dance, and him must comb him hair-ah/Come up in the dance, and me let off a clip-ah/at George Bush, cause him D my ni##a/KRS-One, him the President come/The crew called BDP, Melo-di-di-de-de”

KRS-One is the first rapper to encourage violence against George Bush Sr.

Up next is a track taken from an unreleased Nas mixtape entitled: “The Nasty Nas 1991 Demo Tape.”

On this album, Nas would be the second rapper to promote violence against George Bush Sr. On a track called “Number One With a Bullet,” Nas says this about Bush Sr. on the third verse:

“Aiming a Tek a George Bush/he’s a sucka/Gee let’s go to Russia/and set on a muthaf##ka

That same year in 1991. Legendary rap group Geto Boys went after Bush Sr. on the classic album We Can’t Be Stopped.

The “Desert Storm War” had just come to an end. Bushwick Bill had family members who served in the war. Because he wasn’t feeling the invasion, he spoke about it, On the second verse, he raps:

"I ain’t gettin' my leg shot off/While Bush old ass on t.v. playin' golf/But when you come to my house with that draft s##t/I'mma shoot your funky ass b##ch/A n##ga’ll die for a broil/But I ain’t fightin' behind no goddamn oil/Against motherf##kas I don’t know/Yo Bush! I ain’t your damn ho/"

Rap icon Tupac Shakur shared his sediments on George Bush Sr. also in 1991, on his track "I Don't Give A Fuck" from his class album 2pacalypse Now. He says:

"F##k you to the San Francisco Police Department/F##k you to the Marin County Sherif Department/F##k you to the FBI/F##k you to the CIA/F##k you to the Bush/F##k you to the Amerikkka/F##k you to all you redneck prejudice motherf##k ers/"

Even during the last year of Bush Sr term in office (1993) rappers were still expressing their disdain for the president. Groups such as Brand Nubian has something to say about it on their song "The Godz."

"Hair go wild/Lookin like a nappy ni##a child/Black folk say, 'Cut that bush/Quicker than George Bush, drugs get pushed/They want a ni##a clean-cut/"

Public Enemy also had words for Bush Sr in 1991 on the classic album: Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black. Chuck D drops heat on the track “Nighttrain.”

He says:

"Runnin' Nat narcotic/By George he got it/Takin' makin' the G's erotic/And the fiends they scheme/So he can put 'em down/But his method is wreck 'em/Put 'em in tha ground/"

Probably the hardest diss record of all time, comes from an Oakland rapper named Paris. In 1992, he dropped the track called “Bush Killa," aimed at George Bush. The undefeated album was called Sleeping with the Enemy. The album cover has the rapper waiting behind a tree, clutching a pistol as George Bush is pulling up, addressing a crowd of people.

In his opening verse Paris says:

“Rat-tat-tat goes the gat to his devil's face/I hope he think about how he done us when he lay to waste/And get the feeling of the peeling from the other side/From guns given to my people from my own kind/So get with Ollie cause I'm probably finna make you mad/I'm steady waiting for the day I get to see his ass/And give him two from the barrel of a Black Guerrilla/And that's real from the motherf##king Bush Killa/

Last but not least, In 1997 “Common” was dropping jewels on a track called “Real Nigga Quotes” and brought up George Bush Sr. Here is what he said:

"Don't talk to broads that are spoke for, that provoke war/Stand out like cold sores, claim you hard but you ho-core/George Bush and CIA you moving O's for/I write like Richard for publishing while you sold yours"

This is just a sample of some of the artists who protested George Bush while he was President of the United States.

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