Dis to the Chief

By Larry Sutton, New York Daily News

And in other exciting rap news...

Rap artist Paris recorded a tuneful little number called "Bush Killa." We'll sing it for you. Ready?

"Y'all wanna kill off the black man, But I know your master plan, so we'll see who stops the Black. Guerrilla, P-Dog, The Bush KilIa."

Hey, we're pretty funky!

The song was originally recorded for New York's Tommy Boy label, controlled by Time Warner. Its album cover showed President Bush at the White House as Paris lurked nearby' with an Uzi.

Somehow, this upset Time Warner - especially since the limo-riding Ie:e-T got it into so much trouble With "Cop Killer."

So it killed "Bush Killa."

Now, reports our David Hinckley, Pans is releasing the song on his own label, Scarface. "I am not an assassin and this is not an assassination attempt," he said.

"It is meant to express my outrage at what I take to be the violence directed day after day at the African-American community."

He adds: "Let's not talk about my record. Let's talk about George Bush's, which is far scarier than mine could ever be."

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