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This third LP from Paris continues in the tradition of social consciousness and self-awareness that earned him a place among hip-hop’s political elite, but with a different musical twist, this time opting for the G-Funk soundscape that had become prevalent in west coast rap at the time. Amid a changing political climate, Paris still continued to avoid the common afflictions that plagued (and continue to plague) many hip-hop artists - drugs, black-on-black violence and dehumanization of women. "Outta My Life," a powerful, introspective lament of conditions in the black community, exemplifies the sentiment here, as it speaks directly to those who are disproportionately affected by violent crime. "One Time Fo’ Ya Mind" and the title track further drive home the message of self-sufficiency and empowerment, and "40 Ounces and a Fool" berates those in the industry who choose to pursue profit over the mental well-being of the listening audience. Guerrilla Funk is geared toward heads who prefer lyrical meat with bomb beats.

Back in limited release, the third and fourth recorded efforts from Paris have been condensed to present the best material from each project. The result is an album which has allowed us the rare opportunity to improve on the initial releases by showcasing the evolution of one of hip-hop's rawest and most controversial artists in one comprehensive package.


"Paris hasn't tempered his rage at all; he's just expanded his range, adding more societal issues to his hit list. In addition, the music hasn't lost any of its potency, making Guerrila Funk a worthy match for one of the most incendiary hip-hop albums of the '90s."

"Takes the piss out of every gangsta cliche you ever heard, slamming the enslavement of the artist by the record company, then castigating the rapper for enslaving his 'bitch' in the same way...Paris is reducing your stereotypes to sawdust. And you know what happens when you free your mind, don't you?"
- Time Out

"Angry and impassioned...excellent...might prove to be his smartest move yet."
- Hip Hop Connection

"He has remained the self-proclaimed super hero he was built up to be...relentless with concern and knowledge...Paris has been concentrating a lot on production."

- Urb


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