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Debate 2020

 By Paris,

Sep 29, 2020

So the first presidential debate is tonight.  Thoughts?  You care, or nah?  Will you be watching?  Lots of convo currently going on about the problematic histories of both candidates and the myriad implications each would have on us all.

Main Points many are discussing:

- BIDEN co-wrote the '94 crime law, which resulted in the mass incarceration of Black and Brown ppl, more prison cells, and more aggressive policing.  He was responsible for a provision in the '86 crack law that treated crack as significantly worse than powder cocaine and ended up disproportionately punishing communities of color w/longer prison terms.  Biden also voted for the Iraq war.  His most egregious offenses are in the past, but it's a brutal past that can't be ignored.

- TRUMP is currently a mass murderer based on his admin's botched, lackadaisical response to COVID19.  Deaths on his watch are affecting Black and Brown ppl inordinately (at a rate of 2:1).  Completely inept, he espouses racist tropes and emboldens racist behavior regularly, often as a diversionary tactic to mask his shortcomings and misdeeds.  His admin is crafting a far-right Supreme Court - a court that will have grave ramifications for how our country will handle policing, criminal justice reform, fair housing, health care access, corporate malfeasance and the environment moving forward.

As a Black man, I'm troubled by each and have long since learned to not bank on any real change for the better coming our way from the govt. But I also don't want a government that is regressive, or that will roll back gains for equality made by those who came before us.

Both sides pander when it comes time for votes, and almost nobody is happy with the state of affairs in the U.S. or the choices presented;  whoever wins is guaranteed to disappoint.   I've done songs on our country's imperialist policies and its devastating effects on both ppl here and in (mostly black and brown) countries abroad, irrespective of the party in power.  But there is a false equivalency that many reflexively hold on to  - even in the face of ferocious incompetence - that claims there is no literal difference between the choices given.  There is.  One has been shitty, and one is currently shitty - to devastating effect. This summary is unassailable.  Plus, there is a case to be made for voting on what affects us locally in our respective communities, even if not on a state or federal level (i.e. eviction moratoriums, gig worker rights, govt relief assistance during COVID, etc).

Just know that not being involved gives others dominion over you by default and that not participating is, in itself, a political act.  Keep that in mind as you educate yourself politically and determine what's best for you.

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