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Just in time for the 2008 election, Paris returned to the mostly apolitical world of hip-hop to once again inject his patented form of sonic vitriol into the musical landscape with Acid Reflex. With commentary on a wide range of topics including black-on-black crime and violence, the ongoing problem of police brutality, illegal and immoral wars, the crooked arena of politics and the need for more of an equal balance between positive and negative influences in entertainment, Acid Reflex is the fifth installment of cutting-edge funk-and-rock-inspired hip-hop in a career spanning the sale of over 3.8 million units independently worldwide.

The lead single, "Don't Stop the Movement," provides a scathing reintroduction to Paris' polemics, and serves as a stark reminder of the type of potent politically and socially aware commentary in hip-hop that has become less and less frequent as the art form becomes increasingly corporatized and diluted for mass consumption. Featuring performances by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and Parliament/Funkadelic frontman George "Dr. Funkenstein" Clinton, Public Enemy leader Chuck D. and newcomer and Paris-protege T-K.A.S.H., Acid Reflex is a acerbic criticism of modern day American life, and acts as a rallying cry for the need for social justice, unity and awareness.

From the sad state of Darfur and Congo, to America's legacy of aggression, to Katrina and religious fanaticism, it's all here. And the timing is perfect too - in an era where politics has become popular culture and the United States has finally elected its first black president - only a handful of artists with an international platform choose to seize the moment. Paris does.

Continuing in the tradition of artists who can be relied upon to remain consistent with both content and dedication to musical quality, this fifth effort by Paris pleases not only his existing loyal supporters, but continues to gain him many new listeners as well.


"...4 out of 5 Stars...PARIS' latest offering, Acid Reflex, is pure hard-hitting Bay Area funk hop, with poignant lyrics that serve for great listening and cater to California car culture. Acid Reflex bumps like any great gangsta album, without being ignorant or celebratory of wanton violence for entertainment. Addressing so many societal ills would seem like a daunting task for most MCs, but to PARIS this is regular dialog...PARIS cleverly weaves a tale about how oppression beats down the moral compass of inner city Blacks and breeds apathy that has now become ghetto chic...Acid Reflex is PARIS at his best - the music and lyrics are just impeccable. The best gangsta album that is not gangsta. An album for the people with a clear moral line and standards of excellence."
- Murder Dog Magazine

"Strongly agree or strongly disagree, it's brilliantly constructed...the words are all top-notch and will have fans starving for material declaring the album a triumph..."

"Listening to Paris in 2008 is like walking on the edge of a razor blade. On one side of that slippery slope, the East Bay militant rap icon continues to espouse the anger and violent revolutionary tendencies he's famous for. On the other, as evident on his new album Acid Reflex, his music grooves and swirls and lifts...You'll get caught up in the pumping beat, the Funk, and suddenly realize you're singing along to Real revolution, actual solution...Paris is never less than deft in his wordplay or charismatic in his storytelling, twisting even the expected socio-political discourse into something can count on him to step up and speak on the hard truth, especially, like now, when it needs to be said. Only now, the Hard Truth is accompanied by an equally Hard Party. Get out and dance and join the revolution."
- East Bay Express

"4 out of 5 stars...from the majestic rally calls on "Don't Stop The Movement" to the sticky-wet percussion on "Winter In America"...his ability to collaborate with testosterone-summoning beats, all the while promoting respect for women and a more accurate portrayal of African Americans in the media is a refreshing duality which could only come out of the Yay."
- Urb


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