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The climate of Hip-Hop today rarely pays homage to its progenitor: THE DJ. Focusing on over-the-top sexuality, unrealistic financial status, and a live-fast, die-young lifestyle, the once uplifting movement often seems it's gotten away from its fun loving, community-based roots.

Enter DJ True Justice. Guerrilla Funk proudly welcomes him to help return these basic feel-good fundamentals to Hip Hop. As most real DJs do, True wears many hats: Party Rocker, Talent Scout, Producer, Engineer, and skilled Turntablist, among others. The Man of Steel accurately reflects why True holds the well-deserved moniker of the "Bay Area's Most Exciting DJ," as he has assembled world-class talent for his Guerrilla Funk debut and has orchestrated a flawlessly cohesive and entertaining collection of 15 tracks.

Included in the offering are contributions from such hip-hop luminaries as Paris, Planet Asia, Rasco, The Grouch, Equipto, T-K.A.S.H., XienHow, Sunspot Jonz, Zumbi (from Zion-I), Sinestro, Norris Man, Ras Ceylon, J-Ro (Tha Alkaholiks) & more.

With a highly celebrated career that spans two decades, DJ True Justice continues to represent his region as the West Coast's finest, with a refined, adult Hip-Hop sensibility sorely needed in the game today.

THE MAN OF STEEL Audio(.mp3) Lyrics Video
Here Comes the Man of Steel    
Feeling Great (feat. Planet Asia)
Brick Soul (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Hyp)
All I Have (feat. Lunar Heights)
Walk With Me (feat. Equipto)
The Way You Are (feat. Sinestro)  
Pick a Point (feat. Cloaked Characters & Mosely Watta)    
Wit Ya Make Up (feat. Paul Dateh, Scarub & Zyme)
Any Day, Any Time (feat. Norris Man & Ras Ceylon)    
Call Signs (feat. XienHow & Paris)
Listen (feat. Zumbi, The Grouch & Sunspot Jonz)    
Take It from You (feat. The Bayliens & Clayton William)
Gangsta Wrapper (feat. Z Man)    
When the Stage Calls (feat. L Roneous, K.E.V. & T-K.A.S.H.
Head Noddin' (feat. Rasco, J-Ro, & Mic T)    


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