Hip-hop is now larger than it's ever been - co-opted and used by everyone for every conceivable purpose - it can be argued that hip-hop is now synonymous with popular culture. But where are the women? Where are the female voices that are united to have their points of view heard in this time of global hip-hop dominance?

Enter The Conscious Daughters and their latest album The Nutcracker Suite. Hardcore street poet veterans with triple O.G. status in the game, CMG and Special One have proven themselves over time to be as cold as they come, fusing street knowledge with messages of empowerment from a distinctly female point of view that can only be described as refreshing in the middle of the testosterone-fest that hip-hop has become. All hail the Queens.

With rock-solid production courtesy of Paris, Rick Rock (producer of Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Ice Cube and Tupac) and newcomer Steven King, among others, TCD is coming with serious heat. Touching on topics ranging from domestic violence and single motherhood to America's ill-conceived wars and the effects of violence on Black America's streets, The Conscious Daughters are set to make their mark.

The time has never been more right for women's voices in hip-hop to be heard - so here they are. With notable guest appearances from Grammy-award nominee Mystic, Marvaless, Paris and T-K.A.S.H., The Nutcracker Suite is a stunning return to form for arguably the dopest ladies to ever do it on the mic.

A necessary compliment to the Guerrilla Funk family, this crew of dope emcees provides a sorely-needed female perspective in hip-hop that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

THE NUTCRACKER SUITE Audio(.mp3) Lyrics Video
Not Bad But Good      
Town Biddness      
A Moment In Rhyme (feat. Mystic)      
Freak The Beat (feat. Goldie The Murderist)      
Woman's World (feat. Mystic)      
Dirty Little Secret      
Raid (feat. Paris & T.K.A.S.H.)      
Don't You Ever      
Go Hard in Cali (feat. Marvaless)      
Thug Love (feat. Mystic)      
Victory Lap      
Let's Party      


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