Here it comes, I’m P-Dog with the Shit
That stick, now I’m finna get scandalous, huh
And tell y’all about a brain disease
A act up, it’s a shame disease
Nigga please, ya still don’t act right, oops
Wait a minute lemme get my facts right
When I say that we all don’t act the same
Just a handful wanna salt the game
So I gotta roll deep
Check the grip and don’t smile, hard as concrete
Damn shame but it’s like that
'Cause some got hard heads like bricks that don’t crack
Raised up on T.V.
Fast food and fast times, do or die G
Without nothin’ to lose but a war
And here life don’t mean shit to die for

Every brother ain’t a brother (4x)

The reporter looked just like me or you
But that don’t mean the man was cool
He understood when I said that it was death to integrate
'Cause integrate means assimilate
But the media, hates the youth
Loves to spread lies and distort the truth
They say the pen is stronger than the sword
But the sword’ll give any house nigga his just reward
So let the beat just roll on
While the weak get told on
I’m P-Dog, tellin’ ya the actual fact is
Just 'cause the skin is black don’t mean shit
It ain’t about us comin’ up
To them, it’s about us gunnin’ up
It’s a shame but no strain on the brain to see
It’s plain some are Sleeping with the Enemy


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