What's wrong with havin it good for a change?
Now they're gonna let us have it good if we just help 'em.
They're gonna leave us alone, let us make some money.
You can have a little taste of that good life too.
Now I know you want it - hell everybody does.
- You'd do it to your own kind.
What's the threat? We all sell out every day.
Might as well be on the winning team!

Aww yeah
One for the crabs, cutthroats that blab and backstab
Quick to sell you short for a motherfuckin’ dollar
This one's for y'all

Here come a funky ditty from the one that make ya move
Doin’ the work in soldier field 'til ain't none left to do
Kickin’ the knowledge for the people just like me and you
And I'ma keep on runnin’ it until the shit is through
This one is for the sissy niggas livin’ in the house
Y'all know the kind of ones that jump when massa call 'em out
They kinda tricky can't be trusted cause they run they mouth
And when some shit start up it's always them that ain't around
This is a warnin’ for the few I knew like Ed and Vern
You might get cheated when you meet 'em but I hope ya learn
That every motherfucka don't know how to wait his turn
And every brother ain't a brother and you might get burned
A little knowledge from a scholar so you know the part
My name is Paris and I kicks it to ya from the heart
Thought I forgot ya but I caught ya punk I thought ya knew
House niggas bleed too, shit ain't through

Whaddup Paul Mack? Ha, ha...


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Guerrilla Funk Recordings and Filmworks, LLC (GFR) produces original music and film projects, and was founded to provide balance in the intolerant climate of suppression of dissent that arose after the terror attacks of 9/11. It serves as a vehicle for those who are unable - not because of lack of talent or relevance - to be heard. With over 4 million records sold independently since its inception, GFR will continue to strive to enlighten and inspire through entertainment. Please support the message & tell a friend!

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