Yo, a sissy cop in the hood
Shakin’ a brother down, thinkin’ he ain’t no good
What’s your name what you standin’ here for
Thought I told ya not to come around no more
Man I wasn’t doin nuttin’ why ya fuckin’ wit me
Shut up punk don’t question authority!
Up against the wall, hands in the air
Just wants to pump the fear
Right about then mo’ suckas came around
Pushed the young brother into the ground
Hollerin’ talkin’ that ignorant bullshit
Grabbin’ his arm, tryin’ to break his wrist
A God damned shame and he’s only thirteen
Five to one is a pussy’s dream
But yo man I ain’t goin’ out like that
Young G to the house and get the gat
Then BOOM BOOM BOOM now shit is equalized
Will when you suckas realize
Black people simply ain’t havin’ that
We just hit back


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Guerrilla Funk Recordings and Filmworks, LLC (GFR) produces original music and film projects, and was founded to provide balance in the intolerant climate of suppression of dissent that arose after the terror attacks of 9/11. It serves as a vehicle for those who are unable - not because of lack of talent or relevance - to be heard. With over 4 million records sold independently since its inception, GFR will continue to strive to enlighten and inspire through entertainment. Please support the message & tell a friend!

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