June 6th in the time of six o’clock
Hot summer night in the city of hard knocks
Two black brothers took a walk in the Southside
Could’ve been any brother lookin for a dope ride
Seein’ a white girl wasn’t in the plan
but the plan had plans of it’s own for a brother man
A bad case of the right place at the right time
Makes you just ask - why?
I guess you suppose you know what a nigga do
to a female that was meant for you
Jealous cause your girlfriend screwin’ a black man
So you bust caps on an innocent bystand
But I guess we all look the same
A God damned shame you don’t know my name
Musta just been too black so the payback
fit the ID for someone like me
But you see I don’t think like you do
I come much sicker with the retribute
Rollin twenty-five deep, troop down in a parking lot
Ready movin’ steady when I bust your spot, huh
You dumb motherfuckers just don’t know me
You don’t control me, so leave me lonely
Step and be prone to a cap to the dome
I don’t quit {*BLAM*} When I start tearin’ up shit
This is a Scarface set and no snakes allowed
Keep the pace ready set brothers rollin’ out
Packin’ a Mac-10, strapped and capped him
Now who’s to blame, for the hate that hate made?


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Guerrilla Funk Recordings and Filmworks, LLC (GFR) produces original music and film projects, and was founded to provide balance in the intolerant climate of suppression of dissent that arose after the terror attacks of 9/11. It serves as a vehicle for those who are unable - not because of lack of talent or relevance - to be heard. With over 4 million records sold independently since its inception, GFR will continue to strive to enlighten and inspire through entertainment. Please support the message & tell a friend!

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