This is the LP that helped to usher in a new era of awareness in rap and put Paris on the hip-hop map. Hard and unrelenting, this debut is considered by many to be a classic in the politically-conscious rap genre. It yielded two Top 20 singles - the politically charged "Break The Grip of Shame" and the title track. Black Panther imagery and progressive thought abound here, with Paris combining ominous funk soundscapes with poignant, insightful rhymes. Check the lyrical fury of "Panther Power" and the brooding, focused anger of "Escape From Babylon." From the waging of righteous warfare on the Yusef Hawkins tribute "The Hate That Hate Made," which recalls a racial killing in Bensonhurst, NY, to "Warning" a brief, albeit explicit diatribe against police brutality, The Devil Made Me Do It is unrelenting in its pro-black, anti-establishment stance. Definitely food for thought in these troubled times.

Back in limited release, this debut effort from Paris represents an era when potent political commentary wasn't an exception to the rule in hip-hop. This definitive edition has been digitally enhanced and reworked, and has provided the artist the rare opportunity to improve on the initial release by benefiting from advancements in technology previously unavailable. Also contains rare alternate versions.

"Menacing...the vocals intensify and get hyper, creating a heightened sense of anxiety...his lyrics are intense and he drops science while showing skills on the mic..."
- The Source

"Rap music reaches new heights of political invective on Paris' jolting debut recording...Paris boosts his message with unique, sleek music...adding a primal beast-on-the-hunt quality..."
- People

"Hard hitting beats combined with razor sharp lyrics...Listen to the rhymes flow and you'll realize that Paris is a massive, militant talent..."
- Hip Hop Connection

"Paris motivates with an authoritative voice that speaks to the underground rather than trying to pacify the masses."

"Easily the outstanding rap debut of 1990...a case study in how it should be done...this album profoundly understands the musical strategies of dissonance, atmosphere, space...Paris possesses one of those menacing voices that draws you into its husky world, via a timbre that carries the meaning within itself. In rap, the message is in the medium, and the medium is in the grain of the voice."
- Express

"More than just a rap album - it's a revolutionary handbook. Music for those who want mental stimulation with their dope beats."
- Urb

"An impressive debut with street smart, political, well-done raps...a strong, strong record."
- Billboard

"Paris is a force of gravity under which perpetrators melt of embarrassment...his musical genius is rhyme...Paris is a gun to your head, so listen up."
- Vox

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT Audio(.mp3) Lyrics Video
Scarface Groove      
This Is A Test    
Panther Power      
Break The Grip Of Shame
On The Prowl      
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Hate That Hate Made    
Mellow Madness    
I Call Him Mad    
Escape From Babylon    
Break The Grip Of Shame (The Final Call)
The Devil Made Me Do It (Poach A Pig Mix)  
The Hate That Hate Made (Power Of God Mix)      


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