DESIGNSQUAD.BIZ - is a California-based Internet Solutions company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering professional web design, programming, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and expert online marketing and creative services.

THE ACZON ORGANIZATION - The Aczon Organization provides legal representation, artist management, entertainment industry education and photography services of the highest level to identify, enhance, and support the artistic and business goals of artists dedicated to their craft and their careers.

WARD WHITE IV, ESQ. - Based in Ft. Worth, Texas and serving clients nationally and internationally, the Law Offices of Ward White IV, Esq. assist entertainment businesses and creative professionals within the umbrella area of Entertainment Law.

THE SAMPLE DOCTOR - The Sample Doctor™ is a company that exists solely for the purposes of enabling music creators to avoid the shortcomings of utilizing samples in their songs -- including rightsholder denials, expensive licensing fees, the need for ongoing royalty payments, and substandard audio quality.

ADVOCATES FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN ELDERS - AAAE is an outreach and engagement partnership of academic, governmental, nonprofit, and community groups whose aim is to help African American seniors in Los Angeles advocate for their health and mental health needs.

THE FRONT PAGE - Since 1992 the award-winning Front Page® show, hosted by Emmy®-winning host Dominique DiPrima, has been Black Los Angeles' early morning communications drum. The show can be heard from 4:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily Monday through Friday on Radio Free 102.3 KJLH.

PACIFIC COAST REGIONAL CORPORATION - PCR Corp assists small business owners in California to excel. Through contracts with the Federal Government, the State of California, and partnerships with private institutions, PCR provides financial, educational and consulting services.


About Guerrilla Funk
Guerrilla Funk Recordings and Filmworks, LLC (GFR) produces original music and film projects, and was founded to provide balance in the intolerant climate of suppression of dissent that arose after the terror attacks of 9/11. It serves as a vehicle for those who are unable - not because of lack of talent or relevance - to be heard. With over 4 million records sold independently since its inception, GFR will continue to strive to enlighten and inspire through entertainment. Please support the message & tell a friend!

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