Started as a response to the current apolitical climate in commercial music, the Hard Truth Soldiers compilation series is a rallying cry for social justice. Each volume is a collection of material that goes against the grain of commercial hip-pop by providing content of substance, touching on subjects ranging from war and police brutality to black on black crime and domestic violence.

With the recent reduction of civil liberties, increased instances of injustice and racism both domestically and abroad and a rise in self-censoring corporate media monopolies hell-bent on stifling dissent while at the same time flooding our communities with negative and escapist entertainment, it's ironic that this is the most prolific period of protest song-writing in history.

And the Hard Truth Soldiers don't miss a beat.

Featuring Paris' trademark massive sonic production, Volume 1 showcases contributions from Public Enemy, The Coup, Dead Prez, Paris, T-KASH, Kam, The Conscious Daughters, Mystic, MC Ren, Sun Rise Above, and The S.T.O.P. Movement (Mobb Deep, Tray Deee, Soopafly, KRS-One, Defari, Daz, J-Ro, RBX, Bad Azz, WC, Dilated Peoples, Mac Minister, The Alchemist, Mack 10, Evidence, Defari, Everlast, and B-Real), among others.

With guest production by Fredwreck.

HARD TRUTH SOLDIERS VOL. 1 Audio(.mp3) Lyrics Video
Can't Break Me - Kam      
Still Ain't Free - MC Ren      
Can't Hold Us Back - Public Enemy Featuring Paris      
Woman's World - The Conscious Daughters (featuring Mystic)      
Made In America - T-K.A.S.H.      
Officer Down - Uno The Prophet      
Inspiration - Truth Universal      
The Road Less Travelled - Blitz      
Throwyahandzup - Dead Prez, Sun Rise Above & T-K.A.S.H.      
Raid - T-K.A.S.H., The Conscious Daughters & Paris      
Down Wit Us - The S.T.O.P. Movement      
Ghetto Manifesto (Paris Remix) - The Coup      
If There's A Hell Below - Ms. Monét      
Dear Mr. President - The S.T.O.P. Movement      
Laylow - Paris      


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Guerrilla Funk Recordings and Filmworks, LLC (GFR) produces original music and film projects, and was founded to provide balance in the intolerant climate of suppression of dissent that arose after the terror attacks of 9/11. It serves as a vehicle for those who are unable - not because of lack of talent or relevance - to be heard. With over 4 million records sold independently since its inception, GFR will continue to strive to enlighten and inspire through entertainment. Please support the message & tell a friend!

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